I have given up on the internet. EQUALITY MEANS BEING ANTI-FEDORA. FEDORA=SWASTIKA=NAZIS!!!! Actually, one of people linked the fedora to MRAs, and linked MRAs to nazis, thus justifying the swastika comparison. After making a racist generalization about black people and hanging pants! QED BITCHES! Yeah! Everyone should listen to you about who is for equality and who is not!! 

I discovered this after innocently stumbling around for good apparel choices for male and female avatars in pokemon…and noticing a couple xeople in message boards far from tumblr and reddit saying the same tired stuff about fedoras, and decided to spelunk to see just how far this horrible stereotype spread. Turns out the fedora/neckbeard conspiracy theorists have at least a 10% encounter rate in some of these places, like GAMEFAQS of all boards, relaying the usual generalizations about ‘sexist dudebros’ loving this particular configuration of fabric on their heads and so forth. I want to cry. This was on the fucking Pokemon board.  There seem to be at least some people spraying repel in these whacky xeoples’ faces, but unfortunately not many that follow the underlying shitty soshul justiz and gender generalizations that fuel this stuff:( 

Is nothing sacred…not even innocuous clothes? Meanwhile these same losers probably religiously enjoy Matt Bomer and his fedora ridden head. 

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    Wait hold up I think I spaced out for a second…were we talking about hats?
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    >”anti-fedora” >Fedora comparable to Swastika >decrying neckbeard racism WHILE ACTING RACIST Both sides of this...
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