These people are the bane of my existence. They complain endlessly about whatever government there is, flash their anarchy credentials, and have nothing but apathy when elections rolls around and there’s some hope of actual administrative changes. NO. Change has to occur on their terms, in their social movements. 

And this is Australia they’re talking about! Everything this person says is wrong. In 1996 the Queensland Government passed the National Firearms agreement to curb gun ownership and increase controls, which went completely against public opinion. It was so unpopular, it was a major reason the National Party, the party responsible for it, lost the next election, because it went completely against “the fundamental framework” they were operating in; it went completely against the socio-political situation. Even on gentrification, there are long term solutions governments can create, like equity co-op subsidized financing.

Tony Abbott winning is heavily the fault of people like this person. 
The Liberal Party had an uptick of 1.7% in the polls compared to the previous 2007 election, meaning that their voter base didn’t change that much. Australia didn’t choose Tony Abbot or his party/coalition. He won by default because people didn’t vote enough for another party instead, because there wasn’t enough passion and political hope. Because of people like theresourcatastrophe! Fighting the good non-fight! I’M AN ANARCHIST!! they say. What a fabulous luxury to proclaim that anywhere in the world, while billions depend on government to survive, Dear god. Anarchists are the ultimate speshul sneuxflakkes, and even worse because they’re trendy. 

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