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(uses it/itself pronouns to refer to self) luv those 

I think you need to remove the parenthesis between ‘self’ and ‘luv’ and immediately apply it to your life.


Anonymous asked: i wish we had seen what snow looked like before she left tbh

They only ever described themselves as spicy once so I just always pictured them as a snowflake covered in curcumin.

Let’s Make A Growing List of Awesome Misandry Movies


I’ll start with these three
  • Ms. 45
  • Ginger Snaps
  • Teeth

Add your own!

Let’s make a growing list of xeople you should never go to the movies with.

feduptoinfinity replied to your post: feduptoinfinity replied to your post “…

It is I, Infi, aka i-was-a-teenage-anarchist. :P


so many url changes trying to give me nausea i stg

feduptoinfinity replied to your post “Swimmin pls stay okay, after demi and hetero deleted I don’t think I can’t handle it if you delete too. :(”

Would you end up going back to your personal?

My personal? I don’t think i really have a personal other than my dinky primary lol. No swimmin’s my one and only blog and if I left it I’d leave everything.

Oh ps I’m trying to recognize you. I follow you, but I think you changed your url recently and I can’t recognize you lol and your theme isn’t loading on my comp.


Anonymous asked: Swimmin pls stay okay, after demi and hetero deleted I don't think I can't handle it if you delete too. :(


I’m here for the short-term, but if I leave I probably won’t delete my blog, I’d just leave a goodbye. 

I just hope demi and hetero say hi regularly. 


Anonymous asked: do you know what happened to demisnowflake/have any way to find out..? i enjoyed their blog a lot and this seems really sudden

No, it’s all very mysterious ;( hopefully they’ll come back and clarify. I hope they’re okay.


Anonymous asked: Damn you sure ain't no snowflake cuz ur so hot.. and snow would probably melt at that temperature... you're very pretty

I saved two of Snow’s urls

In case you ever come back they’re waiting for you

I don’t even have a gif or anything to say. 

I don’t even have a gif or anything to say. 


Anonymous asked: did demisnowflake delete?

this is literally the scariest message i have gotten on this website

i’m gonna go search their url